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MyTekki will always go above and beyond to meet and exceed the clients expectations. Always being informative and rather than just solving also explaining. the problem


Network Stability And Speed

“My network continiues to be unstable, I will be working on a file and then get disconnected”

When we hear statements like this at MyTekki our first response is to set-up a meeting with the customer to discuss the issues and problem areas in their network that are causing this mishap. We work side-by-side with them to find effective, affordable, and lasting solutions for immediate implementation.

mytekki- the blog

MyTekki has just started a blog and will continue to post useful information. Whether it be a good How To: for the technical people out there or just some general information that might be useful to the average business owner.

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NETWORK CHANGES: Changing a network to consist of a secure firewall and routing system is key in present-day network set-ups. These steps will help avoid network collisions and hackers attempts to break into your network.

BEING PREPARED: Having knowledge of the latest Microsoft Office products, such as: Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint is key to productivity in current business practice.

SERVERS:  Servers can be used for anything! Having a server nowadays has become more and more common and practical.

common problems with solution

One of the common problems we see with small businesses is that they consistently need readily accessible storage space. Whether it is to store their mass amount of invoices that are now in PDF format or it is just to store their local music collection for the office it has become a problem. Their are many solutions to these types of problems such as servers, tape drives, external hard drives or NAS boxes. Please take a look at one of our customers in the past who had a similar issue and the story he told afterwards.

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