Satisfaction and knowledge

We will always make sure that you are not only satisfied with our services but you also understand what we did so that next time you call us you can easily pin point problems. Again saving you time and money.



In today's world networks can either be A) Overly complex or B) Not complex enough. Having a solid network infrastructure is key for a network to run smoothly, without any hiccups. The fastest network is not always the best network.


Having a database is always a good thing when dealing with mass amounts of data. However, there is one big misconception: that one database provider is better than the other. In some cases this is true, but each provider has its own pros and cons.

Our Portal

Clients always want access to prior information sent by people who have done work for them. To address this, MyTekki will be providing a client portal—allowing our customers to access prior invoices and files associated with their project.
—FREE of charge—


It is important to always take an impartial and non-bias approach when recommending solutions to a customer.

Due to there being so many options available in the world today, MyTekki strives to never take a bias opinion and stay open minded to any suggestions or thoughts that others might have.

MyTekki prides itself in this because too many times our techs have seen a network go bad because the prior tech was either A) using older technology, or B) just had not done the research on the best solution for the client rather than just implementing a quick and easy solution. This normally does 1 of 2 things, 1) Stunts the expandability of the implementation, and 2) restricts the flexibility and support of the platform that was implemented for the client.

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